We only have a limited number remaining for this box.


Create your own wall hanging artwork. The hoop is 20cm in diameter, and the instructions are a great introduction to basic macrame. The finished hanging is reversable, for you to choose which side to display.


You will learn how to do a Larks Head knot and a Double Half Hitch knot, as well as instructions for a macrame feather. Although the instructions give you a pattern for the clolour layout, the wall hanging can be designed any way you choose. 


The cord is 90% recycled cotton and the hoops are made from sustainable bamboo. 


This box comes in a choice of colour combinations.

  • White
  • Grey
  • Charcoal


Box includes:

  • 15x 2metre lengths cord in colour 1
  • 15x 2metre lengths cord in colour 2
  • 2x 20cm bamboo hoops
  • Instructions for wall hanging and feathers


Box testers rated this box as INTERMEDIATE until you get in to the swing of the knots. 

Wall Hanging Box

First colour choice
Second colour choice