This box comes with 3 large templates and all the hotdog sticks you need to make these creations. You can hang them on the wall or prop them up at the window.


Leave them plain or decorate to your hearts content. If you add coloured cellophane this will give a stained glass effect. Wrap with yarn, add feathers, paint... the possibilities are only limited to what you have at hand. 


Templates include an Easy, Medium and Hard template. The collections are:


Abstract (feather, heart and rose)

Animal (rabbit, giraffe and deer)

Bird (duck, flamingo and eagle)

Super logo (Superman, Wonder Woman and Avengers)

Unicorn (small, medium and large)


Box comes with:

Hotdog sticks

Large templates (each wall hanging is aproximately 40cm across)



Optional extra: Glue Gun

The Wooden Creations Box