This is a fun box for kids and adults alike. It's all about popsicle sticks. 


You can make:

A colourful bird feeder

Friendship bracelets


Rainbow popsicle sticks are stacked and glued, then displayed outside in a tree or patio for the birds to visit. The box comes complete with your first lot of bird feed. 


The braceleets are a little more complicated as they need to be heated then bent. Some patience and adult supervision is needed for these, but it is worth it to make your own individual art pieces. 


Box comes with:

  • 100 popsicle sticks (plain and rainbow) 
  • PVA glue
  • String
  • 12 Felt tip pens
  • Bird feed
  • Instructions


Box testers rated this box as EASY for the bird feeder and INTERMEDIATE for the bracelets.

Bird Feeder Box