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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hello, and welcome to the first blog for The Craft Hut. I thought I would start with a quick explanation of who we are. I use the royal 'we' but it is just me and my never-ending desire to learn and teach new crafts. I have been a crafter all my life. I don't remember a time when I wasn't making something or planning out another project.

I am an episodic crafter. That's a great word that just says I flit from one craft project to another. Which in turn means I end up with a craft room full of left over bits that I may no ever use again. So for me, receiving a box with a complete craft project with everything I need and nothing I don't, seems like a fantastic idea. I get to learn a new skill, create something with my own hands, and not have a lot of waste left over. I will still have the instruction, so if this becomes a craft I want to continue with I can can, simply by going out and purchasing more of what I need. If on the other hand, I just want to move on to the next project, I am not left with more items to find storage space for.

I am lucky enough to have four of my six grandchildren live close by, so I get to teach craft and see their skills expand. Our property has a funny little building on it, which during its life has been a chicken run, storage shed, dog house.... and has now been converted to the Craft Hut. This is the inspiration for this business. Each time I create a new project I imagine we are sitting in the Craft Hut having a one on one conversation, and creating something wonderful.

The view from the Craft Hut is beautiful, with green grass, gardens, chickens and more. On a sunny day you can watch the birds and butterflies, and on a rainy day you can listen to the raindrops on the roof.

So, now you can join me in the Craft Hut, learning new skills and gaining inspiration for your next project.

Happy crafting,


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