The Sweetest Wreath

I was VERY intrigued to test this box. Dried flowers are hugely popular at the moment and I was looking forward to making my own unique arrangement.

As usual, the craft box arrived with everything required and I just needed to find a hot glue gun, scissors and tweezers (thanks son for letting me borrow your glue gun!)

The box includes a bamboo hoop, mini fern leaves, ruscus, billy buttons, palm cap and cord. All in lovely neutral colours. The instructions are clear and easy to follow with the first step being to place the fern leaves in a design across the hoop. The only "problem" I found here was that there are so many possibilities to creating your arrangement! I used the picture on the instructions as a guide otherwise I would still be sitting there trying to figure out the "perfect" position for everything haha.

The next steps are to place the ruscus (which I trimmed into one main branch and several smaller stems) and the billy buttons (adorable!). I decided on a central point on the lefthand side of the hoop on which to arrange everything and layered the dried flowers from here.

I added in the extra ruscus stems to fill any obvious gaps in the arrangement. The hot glue is obvious where everything connects but there is a clever trick to conceal this by placing the palm cap on top of this point. The final step was to attach the natural cord and voila! I had completed my wreath arrangement.

As stunning as this looks hanging on the wall, it is my grandmother's 96th birthday today and I think this would be something very thoughtful and sweet to gift to her.

Final verdict! This craft box is easy peasy and you are only limited by your imagination. The final dried flower wreath arrangement is very pretty, so 'take the bit between your wreath' and get to it!

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