The Merry Little Christmas Village

This sweet little village of houses is just adorable! And very easy to make! As usual, all materials and instructions are included in this craft box, which also contains Christmassy decorating extras such as glitter and fairy lights.

There are three different types of houses - and three of each type to make. There are nine houses in total in the village as well as three garages. Each house template is pre-cut which simply requires folding along the (slightly perforated) lines. Don't forget to remove any of the cardboard windows or doors that may not have been completely cut out.

I found the chimney on House 2 to be a little fiddly with my fingers! In the end I attached the roof to this house with tape which helped keep it steady enough to add in the chimney.

Here are the three different types of finished houses plus a little garage.

The next step is to decorate with glitter, arrange the village and add in the Christmas lights. This village is still a work in progress for now ... and will be finished as soon as the elves return from Santa's workshop .....

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