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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I have made candles in the past, using our own beeswax collected from our hives. It was a huge job to process the wax till it was beautifully clean, and it made the place smell lovely in the process. Beeswax on it's own, though, does not actually make very good candles because of the way it burns. With this in mind, I was keen to try Sandy's Candle Box!

The kids (read: adultish children) seemed keen to give it a go when the box arrived, so I left it for them for a few days. They didn't. So I plunged in one evening. The whole process was really quick, the instructions were easy to follow, and most of all - it was fun :) The smellies are lovely!!

This would be a great box to create with young kids. I would have enjoyed it even more if I had been able to convince my teenaged boys to join me :)

I particularly enjoyed Sandy's suggestion and instructions for adding flowers to the candles. It was an extra pleasant bonus to wander the garden in search of just the right flowers for my candles.

Unfortunately, the candles cooled with large holes in them, so I didn't have complete success and am not sure exactly what I did wrong.

Despite that, they still look amazing, and burn beautifully.....

Sandy edit: The candles form sink holes when they set too fast. Try to keep them in a warm, but not hot, place while setting.

and after 3 hours burning, it still looks and smells lovely. I believe these candles will last quite a few hours. And considering I could pay up to $30 a pop for a candle like this, Sandy's box is a really good bargain as well.

I love it. And it was fun!

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