String Art

I have always loved string art and the effects you can create with this craft. So much so that I have 3 wonderful pieces in my house and studio that I have created over the years.

I am a bit of a coffee connoisseur (had to google the spelling of that one) so during lockdown we created a coffee corner in the kitchen. This is the string art I designed to compliment the corner.

It was a lot of fun to make, but a little challenging when it came to filling in the F letter. Luckily with string art you can easily reverse what you are doing.

In the Craft Hut itself there are two large string art pieces DREAM and CREATE. When the grandkids and I first set up the Craft Hut we had a spot with bean bags, cushions and books, where you could sit, relax and dream up ideas. It was a wonderfully sunny place for all things creative.

Then there was the creation station, where what was dreamed of could become more of a reality. Glue guns, paper, lace, chicken wire, buttons, cans, paint.... All there in one place. Kind of like a giant craft box, with everything you need to create your project.

Now the original Craft Hut is turning in to a garden shed and the new Craft Hut (aka Studio) is being filled with all the essential items needed for crafting. So time to bring my string art pieces in to their new home.

The August subscription box is all about string art. With 2 20x20cm boards and all the string and nails you need, this box will either transport you back in time or teach you a whole new skill. The box comes with 4 templates for you to choose from, and the nails themselves have been chosen for the size of their head. If you decide string art is a craft you want to expand on, you might want to look at nails with slightly smaller heads, just be wary of your string popping loose as you are working.


The project:

Lets look at the heart template for this blog as you can do several different effects with this simple design.

The boards in the box are plain wood. You can paint these before you start. Take note of where your design will go and leave your board to dry completely so you don't lift the paint when hammering in your nails.

Start by laying your template on to your board and taping down in the corners. Then with your hammer and nails, hammer in the nails at each dot. With the craft box, the nails are long enough to be hammered in solidly ands still be high enough for stringing. Just be wary of what surface you are hammering on as you don't want the nails to scratch your kitchen table.

Now remove your template by pulling it straight up and over your nails. If you pull the paper out sideways you will end up with paper tails at the baser of your nails. These can be removed with tweezers but it is a time consuming process.

Starting at the middle nail at the top of your heart, attach your cord with a slip knot, or any knot you are comfortable with, then start to string your cord up and down over the heart, until you have it completely covered.

You can also string every second nail, then go back and string the blank nails with a different colour. You can change directions, or even just do a 'messy' fill, stringing randomly. If you don't like the effect, unstring and start again.

Check out all our craft boxes in the online shop.

Happy Crafting


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