Nail Art by Hannah Carter

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

On a wet winter Sunday I thought it would be good to pull out the nail art craft box with the children.

Putting a board on top of the dinning room table and getting the hammers out. I personally preferred the smaller, lighter hammer. I tape the chosen templates, Miss 6 the Heart, Mr 9 the Superman and Miss 11 the LOVE, onto the the wood.

Letting the children start nailing. After Mr 9 got the top row done, I realised I should have gotten him to start with the fiddly middle bits first.

I gave miss 6 a clip peg to hold the nails in place while she built her confidence hammering.

Occasionally using the pliers to straighten a nail.

So proud of how well the children are doing, despite the kids complaining a little of sore hands from the hammering.

As the children finish the nailing, although some of the nails aren't 100% straight but I'm not concerned, we can straighten the ones that we need to.

Undoing the tape, we are now up to carefully lifting the paper, much easier on the heart than the other designs. We used needle

nose pliers to help pull up the paper from the tricky spaces.

Getting the children to chose their colours and tie on the wool and start bringing the design together. So pleased with how awesome these turned out.

I screwed in some loops in the top of the wood so we could make these into wall hangings.

Happy crafting enjoy making and designing your creations.

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