Macrame Wall Hanging - can I really make this?!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I was fortunate enough to be asked to become a box tester for The Craft Hut, which has all been nice and straightforward enough with making lip balms, body scrubs and candles. So far so good! Then I was given the Macrame Wall Hanging box to sample ... I approached this with caution as, although the final result looked AMAZING, the process of getting there seemed to be a little complicated ... me and knots and fingers don't always mix so well haha.

Step One: open the box, skim the instructions, remove "helper".

(Sandy's edit: Box does not come with bonus cat. lol)

Step Two: read, re-read instructions!

Step Three: okay, here we go. The first step is to sort the macramé rope into separate strands and colours. I followed the suggestion of hanging the bamboo hoop by taping it to the wall which made it much easier to tie on each rope using a Lark's Head knot. This knot was simple to follow and stage one is looking complete!

n.b. I went rogue from the instructions here and added in a centre strand from which to hang the wall hanging, although it turns out this step wasn't necessary.

Step Four: refer to instructions again, seek advice from husband on how to do a double hitch knot (discard advice), practice knot a few times, and then finally it all came together and made sense! I found I needed to focus here, and then I found a rhythm of bringing down each strand, knot and repeat.

A few mistakes were easy enough to untie and fix so that the bottom of the frame looked tidy and even .... (bonus hint: pay attention to the tension of each knot!)

WOW! Did I really make this? Everyone in the family was duly impressed, and my "helper" was rather tired and started to settle in for a snooze.

Step Five: trim the wall hanging to desired length. Add feathers, beads, etc. to personalise as desired!

Final comments? This crafty box was a lot more manageable than I anticipated, with clear instructions and tips on how to do a Lark's Head knot and double hitch knot. I love the natural tones of the grey and white and my "helper" and I would happily recommend this box to anyone interested in giving it a go. Trust me, if I can manage to do this, then so can you!

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