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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I remember creating macramé projects as a kid, so I thought I would create a craft box with a basic macramé wall hanging project. This project will teach you 2 macramé knots and how to create a macramé feather for decoration.

The Wall Hanging Box comes with materials to make 2 wall hangings in your choice of colours. The bamboo hoop is 20cm in diameter and the cord is made from 90% recycled cotton.

Lets get in to knotting:

You will need:

1x 20cm bamboo hoop

6x 2metre lengths of colour 1

6x 2metre lengths of colour 2

(or you can have any combination of colours, as long as you have 12x 2meter lengths).

First, lay out your cords in the colour pattern that you would like. Now, starting from the middle of your pattern, fold the first cord in half. Place the loop of the cord under the bamboo hoop, so that the loop is on the inside. Bringing the tails of the cord over the hoop, thread them through the loop and tighten. This is called a Lark's Head Knot.

Repeat this knot with the remaining 11 cords.

You can attach a thinner cord in the middle of your pattern for hanging your artwork. Attach with a Larks Head knot as well. Then you can tape this to the table surface to steady your project for the next steps.

Now we move on to the Double Half Hitch knot. Take your time with this one, but once you get in to a rhythm it becomes easy.

Starting with the outside edge, bring the cord down to the centre bottom of the hoop then under the hoop. Now bring the cord up and over to the left, then under the hoop, so it wraps around. Bring the cord to the right, then up and over the hoop, leaving a loop at the bottom. Bringing the cord to the left, bring it under the hoop, then up and through the loop at the bottom.

Tighten your cord, but not too much as you will distort the bamboo hoop.

Taking the next strand from the outer edge on the opposite side of the hoop, bring the strand over the first, then behind your hoop. Attach with another double half hitch knot.

Repeat these steps with the remaining 22 cords. This wall hanging is reversible, so you get to choose what pattern you prefer to display.

You can either just trim the cords straight or in a V and call your project finished. Or you can add beads or macramé feathers. I will run through the feathers in another blog soon.


The Wall Hanging Box is $30 and comes with your choice of colours. You can find it here.

If you live in the Manawatu, Horowhenua or Whanganui areas, you can also host a craft party and learn how to make a mini wall hanging just like this one. You will also get to see all the Craft Boxes up close, and have the opportunity, as host, to receive craft boxes for free. Find out more on the craft party page here.

Happy Crafting


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