It's Beer O'Clock Somewhere

Wooden Caddy and Coasters what a treat.

Sandy has given you pretty much all the materials you need all you ultimately need is a Hammer, Hot glue gun, Pencil and a Ruler but we also used some stain and a Drill to pre-drill our nail holes but not a necessity as Sandys directions say you can just "pre-nail" them.

I started by laying out all my pieces and checking I had everything, then I stained all of my bits of wood.

I left them until they had completely dried and while this was happening I made the rope coasters. You did get to make 4 but I ran out of hot glue so only completed three.

Next we took all the pieces and started preparing to put them together. I opted not to put the additional spaces onto my Caddy as I will be using it for Beer not Wine bottles.

We measured and drew lines on all of our pieces to make sure we were going to line things up correctly.

We chose to Pre-drill our holes and then hammered in all our nails.

After we had placed our Caddy together we decided to tie the string around the top rather than around the base just because of personal preference.

Tips for Wooden Caddy:

Pre-Drill holes then Pre-Nail to prevent splitting of wood.

For Coasters Hot Glue about every 1/4 turn so that your coaster doesn't fall apart.

Don't be afraid to make it your own.

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