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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

See what I did there with the title? So corny, sorry, lol, but moving on....

I started carrying around a nail file to try and stop myself from nibbling at my nails every time I found a rough edge. And it worked wonders.

These nail files came to life after I destroyed yet another nail file not long after I purchased it. I seem to be quite rough on my files, and cringe when I need to hand over $12 for two files each time. The files I like come with a pouch to put them in so you don't destroy your glasses or phone screen when you throw everything into your bag (but only one pouch for two files).

So I started to experiment with making my own. I like the padded nail files as there is more to hold on to, and if they start to get a bend in them it doesn't matter as much.

Right, lets get on with the how to....

For the files you will need:

2mm EVA foam sheets

Sandpaper of 2 different grits

Large popsicle sticks

PVA glue



Lay your foam and sandpaper flat, and trace around one of your popsicle sticks. Keep the edges next to each other so you only have to cut an edge once. Carefully cut around your pen lines, keeping to the inside of your marks so there is not a lot of overhang when you glue it all together.

Now we get the glue out and start layering. Start with gluing the EVA foam on to either side of the popsicle stick, then glue a different grit of sandpaper to either side.

I find it easier to spread the glue with another popsicle stick. This seems to give me an even coverage. You don't need a lot of glue, but you do need to cover the entire surface so the layers don't lift.

Almost at the finish line already, but now we just need a little bit of patience. Find something with a little bit of weight, like a book, and place this on top of your nail file while it dries. Make sure no glue is going to stick to your book first though.

Once your file is dry you can trim any overhang you may have. Don't try to trim while the sandpaper is wet, as this will destroy the sandpaper and give a very rough edge.


Cut a thin card the length and 2 1/2 times the width of your popsicle stick (I size mine at 15x8cm). Fold over a 5mm strip on one of the long edges, then fold the card in half again. Glue the strip to the other side of the card and let it all dry. Don't place your nail file in the pouch before it is dry, or you may glue them together.

And that's it! Our Nail File box will give you enough materials, including the pouches, for 20 double sided nail files. With the box pried at $20, that's $1 per file.

You can find the box here.

Happy Crafting

Sandy :)

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