Dried Flower Wreath by Hannah

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

I really enjoyed doing this quick little wreath. Have a think of where you might like to hang this and if you want to add colour to any of the leaves. I put mine in my bedroom that has red walls so thought the white would pop beautifully.

I used my big craft mat,. If you don't have one a large piece of paper to catch all the little bits will help make clean up easy.

I laid out my fern and gently placed my hoop over top so I could see the curve of the hoop and how it will kind of look. Keep in mind what way the fern leaves are pointing, are they all looking natural or

are they all over the place. Are the leaves all facing the right way up or the not, consistency is the key.

Once happy, glue onto the hoop. Starting at either top or bottom and work your way to the other end.

Now I have my ferns attached I worked out where I wanted to add my Ruscus on to my hoop cautiously trimming as I go. Gluing them on once I am happy with their placement.

I then placed my Palm cap and Billy Buttons once happy with with there placements gluing. The Billy Buttons I trimmed several times each until I was happy with them.

Gluing them once completely happy.

I Knotted and glued the cord on to the hoop where I wanted to have it hanging from.

Just remember it will be very weighty in one corner.

Then Hang your beautiful creation up and enjoy your latest project. :)

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