Dried flower wreath

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

First I lay the hoop down on the now empty paper bags the flowers came in, this helped the flowers to stand out so you could see where you were placing them.

I placed the fern first, and cut the excess from the bottom, and I used one of these bits to replace one I dropped (tried to catch, fumbled and stood on it and the very tip came off) but you wouldn't even know after replacing it which is really handy to know.

Once I had an idea mapped out I got the glue ready.

Flowers all cut and ready to place

I glued the top fern first then trimmed the stalk to the length required. I added a couple extra bits of fern here to make it look larger, the palm cap hides where all the stalks come together, so you don't need to worry heaps about the blobs of glue.

Then the second fern was placed, trimmed and perfected lol.

I then glued on the cut up ruscus that I had prepared earlier. Everytime I placed a fern or ruscus I would put the palm cap ontop, just to get a visual of how it was looking.

Next I roughly placed the Billy buttons to get the length, and weaved them under the leaves of the ruscus. Then I glued them on.

Lastly I glued the palm cap on.

I put a blob of glue ontop of the hoop, and wound the string around the hoop, gluing as I went.

Then I hung it in place, this is how it sits.

Close up photo.

This box was super easy, instructions were spot on. I did wonder if I could spray it with perfume, or dab some oils on it? So then it would smell nice, would it smell for a while or not long? Would it ruin the flowers?

This will live in my conservatory (photos didn't come out nice to show)

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