Christmas Houses

Opening the box to discover these beautiful little houses I was so excited. Went hunting through the craft cupboard to see what I could do with these little houses to Christmas them up. Finding that my dear children had used all the PVA up was going to make adding glitter a little difficult. Hunting a little deeper in the cupboard I found mod podge and some glitter pens.

Armed with my supplies I set up my table to cope with what my husband calls craft

herpes, glitter. I decided on using my glitter pens for around the windows, trying to keep to some simple designs.

With my Mod podge, which worked great as a PVA substitute, and a paint brush slowly added some other decorations to to my little house with the different coloured glitter supplied in my box.

I decided to see how easy it was to cover the whole house in blue glitter. Give a good thick coat of glue and pour the glitter onto the house. Try not to think of the wastage of the glitter. Pouring glitter on was much easier than dabing the house on a plate of glitter.

I chose to construct the houses after I decorated and let them dry. I think decorating was easier but the construction was harder by doing it this way. Be patient and don't rush yourself.

Unfortunately I am having to wait for my little elves to return with some PVA so that I can finish the rest of my little houses.

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