Box letters by Menny

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

I was excited to get this box, and I got stuck in straight away!

I traced around the letters on a piece of card with pencil, then in 2 or 3 points on the letter I sellotaped (invisible stuff) so I could cut around them both at the same time to ensure they were exactly the same. Once cut out I gently pulled the tape off.

I started gluing the corregated card onto the top piece of the letter so I was sure it would look the best. After a couple hot glue stuck on my finger breaks, I got this part done, this past takes the longest.

I would only put a little glue about 4cm at a time and press in place making sure it was stuck before moving on.

I used a cutting board to glue on, then spent half an hour getting all the bits of glue off 🤦‍♀️, next time I used the local rag.

Gluing the other side of the letter on is much easier, and faster.

Next up was the 'b'. I cut with scissors the outskirts, and used a blade to cut the middle, I have steady hands, but if you don't use a metal ruler.

Glue the inside bits first, or you will struggle to get the card nicely in the middle to manipulate in the shape you need.

Three done, whoop!

I decided to paint mine. One lot of paint was really old and thick and it made the 'b' really wonky, as it was to heavy, it was gold, but looked horrible, so had to change it to black.

I also painted wooden cut outs to go on the letters at this stage too.

My finished letters.

I chose the first letters of a few names in my home for their rooms (and my letter haha)

This one I decided to leave un-painted.

Absolutely loved this box, it takes longer to finish, but perfect timing as we went into covid lockdown and I had plenty to keep my self occupied.

Would definitely do this box again and again

Thanks craft hut ❤

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