Body shots

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

(Sandy's note: This is the December subscription Box)

Body shot box is amazing for me, as I tend to go away a lot over Christmas and new year, so I can take only what I need.

First I got everything out and read the instructions, very easy to read and follow.

I microwaved 30 sec them another 30 seconds and gave a good stir to melt all the little beeswax bits well. I added the fragrance then tested on my arm to get the desired scent and not go over board, a little more was needed.

Then I had to wait, I'm not good at this part, for it to cool.

I then added the salt, gave a quick mix then poured into the cube tray. I used a glass Pyrex as it's microwave safe and has the pour spout.

Into the cubes it went.

Once they were fill, I scraped out the rest and used on my hands, smelling great.

Now more waiting, for them to set

Next up coffee, same process, easy as, more waiting lol. It's only 5 mins, but I'm inpatient.

Added the coffee grinds and sugar, quick stir to mix, then into the cube tray.

Another sneaky handwash, and I think the coffee is my favourite!

Nicely packaged and in the fridge for my shower

Great easy and delicious pack

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