Body Scrub Shots- by Hannah

Getting ready to make some Body scrub shots.

Pulling all the bits out the smell is divine and haven't done anything yet but open the box.

Following the instructions and adding the bits that need melting in my jug. Putting in the microwave for 30 second bursts.

<This was after 90 seconds.

So I only put in for another 15> seconds. From here I could just stir in the last of the bees wax.

This was about 62 degrees.

I placed my jug in a container with cold water in it on the stainless steel bench to draw out the heat.

I made myself a cup of tea and waited my first one took 12 minutes as it was a bit higher temp and the second one only took 5 minutes in the cold water bath.

Add in the fragrance oil and scrub careful to not over mix.

Now we are ready to add into the moulds.

I placed mine in the fridge for half an hour, as my kitchen is just to warm to for these to set.

These beautiful little scrubs are ready to be enjoyed with your next shower or bath.

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