Body Scrub a dub dub

What a clever idea! The Body Scrub Shot craft box has everything you need to make a number of individual body scrub shots in two different fragrances - Tropical and Espresso.

STEP ONE: Remove "helper" from box.

STEP TWO: Categorise ingredients. Everything is pre-measured and clearly labelled with step-by-step instructions.

STEP THREE: I decided to make the Tropical scented shots first. Melting the mango butter, coconut oil and beeswax in the microwave was very straightforward - melt in 30 second bursts and stir in-between.

Waiting for the mixture to cool took a few minutes (it was helpful to have a digital thermometer to gauge the temperature although this isn't essential).

40 degrees Celsius or lower is the magic number here, although I'd suggest keeping an eye on your mixture as the cooler temp makes it more difficult to pour into the mould.

STEP FOUR: Add in fragrance oil (Tropical) and the sea salt ingredients. Gently mix together.

STEP FIVE: Fill the mould with the mixture and allow to set. Job done!

This box was effortless to complete! The body scrub shots can be stored in the fridge, or in a sealed container/glass jar (just keep moisture away from them). These make such a neat handcrafted gift although I'm planning on keeping them all to myself!

STEP SIX: Repeat! I'm very much looking forward to making the Espresso body scrub shots next :)

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