Sandy has done it again another fun and creative craft box !

Strawberry and cream soap what a treat!

As always the box came with everything you could need including a mold tray, your soap base, fragrance and mica powder to add same razzle dazzle to your soap.

The instructions were nice and clear and very easy to follow.

I love that even though you chose a particular scent you got the directions for the other three as well so you could always have your own play around with other flavours.

As soon as i knew I was getting strawberry and cream I knew I wanted to have a play with making different layers and patters with white and pink. And that's exactly what I did. Adding some plain mix here then some pink there getting a toothpick and swirling the colors. I had no idea what was going to come out of my moulds at the end of the 24 hours but I was pleasantly surprised.

My tip would be don't just pour the mix in (unless you want to its your craft box) have some fun try creating something new you might be surprised what you can make.

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