Bath bombs made easy and fun...

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

So, this was my first craft box attempt on my own, I had tried the wall hanging but this was with some expert help. I was surprised at how easy I found it, the box contained pretty much every thing I needed apart from a few basic kitchen tools. It was all nicely measured and labelled.

Once I sifted and mixed together the dry ingredients it was time to add the melted coconut oil and delicious smelling scent (I choose the Vanilla Buttercream because I love the softness of this). Next I had to add some water, the instructions said to do this slowly, or to use a spray so I didn't activate the mixture. But...,me being slightly impatient added this a bit to quickly, so the mixture started to fizz slightly. I quickly stirred the mixture to disperse the water and this stopped pretty quickly (phew).

(Sandy edit: Robyn actually did this right. There will always be a little bit of fizz, you only need to worry if it goes a little crazy).

The mixture resembled scone mix, like soft breadcrumbs. It was easy to mould and press together. I ended up with 4 nicely rounded bath bombs.

The packaging supplied is simple but looks lovely and now they are all ready to gift , although I think I will use one for myself :-)

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