Bath bombs

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

This craft box was super easy, which is the best part.

I put the dry ingredients through the sieve and melted the oil. The next part reminded me of making scones with Gran, I like to use my hands, and it reminded like cutting the butter into the flour.

I flicked some water and it sizzled a little, I was worried, but a little fizz is ok.

My partner came in to the kitchen and was impressed by the smell, but was so disappointed he couldn't eat it 🤣.

I squished the mix into the mold, and pressed together, then twisted to get it out of the mold, but I twisted it apart, so ended up with two halves. I knocked it all out and tried again, this time I did more squishing, and lifted it apart more than twisting, and it came out OK. The next I broke in half, so I held the two halves and pressed together and it worked well, just a couple finger prints, but hey, that's home made isn't it, my finger mark.

Made 4 big beauty bath bombs and a smaller one.

I will have to take snacks to the bath with me, as the fragrance vanilla and buttercream is so yummy, I'm scared ill try drink the water.

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