Bath Bomb's with Jasmine and Hannah

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Opening the box of the craft hut bath bomb's was exciting. Pulling all the bits out and unfortunately discovering the coconut oil was missing, a quick message to work that we could substitute with olive oil. What a relief we could make it work.

(Sandy edit: this is why I have testers - to make the packing mistakes with them :) )

Carrying on we sifted and added the bits needed.

We found spraying the water easier than pouring small amounts. We started mixing with a fork and quickly swapped to mixing with our hands.

Compressing the mixture into the little moulds slightly over filling and squashing them together. Twisting gently to remove from the mould. We managed to get 4 and half bombs out of the mix.

Warning: Don't wear black while making these bath bomb's.

(Sandy edit: But she would have smelt lovely)

Letting them sit to dry out for 24 hours. My children all eager to try them out in the bath.

My children loved their baths and made my bathroom smell amazing. Packaged up the remaining to pass on to some friends.

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