Another String to my Bow

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

String art ... something I haven't done for years.

The kitten helper and I received another craft box to test which we opened with interest.

Inside, we found instructions, three wooden boards, nails, paper templates and three different colours of yarn. My husband supplied a hammer and pliers from the garage.

I chose to do the heart template as it looked to be a simple and clear design. Firstly, I placed the paper over the board keeping it even within the wooden square and banged in the first nail to hold it all in place.

It was actually quite therapeutic hammering away! I found I didn't need to use the pliers to hold the nails in place - fingers worked just as well. It also helps to pay attention to banging the nail directly on top to keep it even and straight (there were a few wobbly nails which were corrected). And HIT HARD ... the nails need to stay in place!

Removing the paper template was straightforward although it did leave a few "paper tails" behind which were removed with tweezers.

Next step was to choose a yarn colour, tie a knot and slip it over the first nail. Keep looping over the nails and you are away ...

I decided to use two colours - the teal blue underneath and a turquoise blue - which was overlaid in the in the same pattern.

This is where it was important to make sure the nails were in properly! Two of the nails came loose and it was tricky to hammer them back in again when the yarn had already been looped around.

We got there in the end and we are done! The design was finished with a simple knot to keep everything in place. I also think this would look neat if I had painted the board white beforehand.

The kitten helper and I really enjoyed this craft box and we would thoroughly recommend this to all ages - although kids may need a little supervision with the hammer and nails.

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