3D Block Letters by Hannah

This was a really fun craft, it had it's tricky moments but I am so pleased with how it turned out.

This craft will end up quiet messy so if you can lay down a large piece of newsprint and then put your cutting / gluing mats down. I personally found it easier to have a separate cutting and gluing areas, as glue tended to get all over my beautiful while cardboard otherwise.

I would not recommend having a 6 year old around while cutting out that just wants to help with her name. I did let her help with some of the pretty bits at the end.

Start by laying out your letter templates on your white card.

If you can, add 2 letters to one piece of card.

Gently draw around letters and cut 2 copies of each letter. They will be more exact if you do them both at the same time.

When cutting out I held a metal ruler on the inside of the letter on the straight edges.

Once you have all your letters cut out now its time to make them 3D. Work with one letter at a time. Take your strips of card board and cut down the bits you need. I found it easiest to work on one letter at a time. I cut where ever there was a corner although you maybe able to fold at the corners and use one long piece. I found it hard to use in long strips.

When gluing, glue the inside of the card as much as possible as it will give you a tidier result at the end.

On the bottom of the 'C' I added a extra small piece card onto the bottom so that it stops the 'C' from falling over.

Once I had all letters constructed I cleaned up some of the excess glue with my sharp blade.

Then came the fun part. earlier in the week while at the dollar store I found some beautiful butterflies to add. I also went rummaging through my craft cupboard and found some things suitable to add with the embellishments that came with the kit.

My children are very much into little love bugs at the moment so was very fitting making one to add to Lucy's name.

Place things before you glue so you can move them around or change your mind.

Just remember less is more!!!

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