Frequently asked questions

What does the Craft Hut do?

The Craft Hut provides craft boxes in the mail. The boxes include everything you need for that specific craft project. You have the choice of purchasing a one-off box, or subscribing for a 6 month subscription.

What's the difference between a one-off craft box and a subscription?

The one-off boxes are plus postage, whereas the subscription boxes include postage. This is your bonus for subscribing. Subscribers receive the craft projects first, then, once that projects month is up, the box is released as a one-off box.

How much do subscription boxes cost?

Subscription boxes are $32 per month, but become cheaper the longer you subscribe for. Check out the subscriptions page for all your options.

Do I pay for the full 6 months up front?

No, the $30 is automatically paid each month from your nominated bank account or card.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

That's really simple. You are not locked in to the 6 months and can cancel at any time. After 6 months you have the choice to renew your subscription.

Does everyone get the same craft box?

Yes, each month is themed, depending on what is coming up in the calendar. You can see what craft boxes are coming up on our website. https://www.thecrafthut.co.nz/subscription-kits

Can I purchase a subscription for someone else?

Absolutely. If you are the one purchasing the box, you can simply nominate a different delivery address for the craft box to be delivered.

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